Monday, August 4, 2008

#1-First Day

Man..never thought I'd actually start writing a blog...dude..seriously I shouldn't even have the time to write this. Oh's to the time soon to be wasted on my blog in the future! :)

Anyways, so was interesting, and kinda fun i guess.

Woke up at 12..which meant i slept 11 hours..don't get that everyday anymore -_-

So after lunch, my dad picked me up at my mom's place in his AMAZING new 2009 toyota camry...OMG i was in awe of the car, i was ready to just take his keys and drive off to L.A. and chill with my besties and eat korean seriously craving it SOOOOO much right now.

Back to the story, he brought me to galleria, pretty much my mall since birth :D and we ended up going around the whole place...and i only ended up getting a bracelet, but it was pretty nice, so i was satisfied :] After taking a few pics in Gap in front of the mirror, we headed off to Americana..across the watch a movie.

In love with my 5th, "Anthology" Hundreds tee =)


Sadly 22 minutes short of the matinee price, we just said screw it and just ate at In-N-Out. Same order, as always-

One Protein Cheeseburger, One Animal Fries, and a Medium Pink Lemonade

Kinda evens each other out ya think? :)

After this, we went to mass, 30 minutes late though (x Oh, and since i got bored, I switched into my Hundreds Baseball Style "Ralgan" tee :D

Like Father, Like Son

Is that? No it can't be...ADAM!!!

My Exit

This is for you Ryan, nigga I took this shit on the move!

Really now? In THIS age of huge posters and electronic ads, this is the BEST you could do???

Mighty little fountain isn't it? :] (When I look at this fountain...I feel like im coming up short...LOL)

Didn't even have to go look up animal porn for this =)

God after seeing this car so much afterschool in JB(Sophia :p), I'm seeing even more of it now! -_-

Yep..just two more years and he's giving me this..hopefully :)

FRACK-For Rich Ass Cool Kids (Flintridge Prep)

Gotta love adam :D

Can't Wait

Paper Planes - M.I.A.